Suggested Menu ideas 

Below are a suggestion of ideas that we could do for your event.  We always use fresh and local ingredients and work hard to make sure we source the best ingredients from the best local suppliers.

Granola Yogurt


Egg or Sausage Warm Muffin

Free range egg with bacon or sausages 

From £3.00pp


Fresh Porridge 

With a choice of maple syrup, winter fruits or bananas 

From £3.00pp


Cheese and Bacon Parcels 

Mature cheese with bacon cooked on fresh pastry 

From £3.00pp 


Fresh Fruit Salad 

Served with Greek Yogurt and 


From £3.00pp

Fish and Chips


Freshly cooked fish and chip box 

Freshly battered cod chips and peas 

From £5.00pp


Beef or vegetable lasagne 


With salad and garlic bread always freshly made 

From £4.50pp 


Sausages and Mash 

Butchers Sausages with Peas, mash, onion, gravy and peas 

From £4.50pp 


Caesar Salad box 

Pan sealed fresh chicken with classic caesar salad 

From £4.50pp 



Package 1

  • Home made and delicious sausage rolls

  • Freshly made sandwiches, wraps or Bagels 

  • Home made quiche 

  • Green salad 

From £5.00 pp

Package 2 

  • Home made and delicious sausage rolls

  • Freshly made sandwiches or wraps

  • BBQ chicken drum sticks

  • Home made quiche 

  • Ultimate chocolate brownie 

From £7.50 pp

Package 3 

  • Home made and delicious sausage    rolls 

  • Freshly made sandwiches and wraps

  • Greek salad

  • BBQ chicken drumsticks 

  • Home made quiche 

  • Home made scotched eggs 

  • Salmon and cream cheese blinis

  • Victoria sponge and Carrot cake 

From £10.50 pp

buffet 7888.jpg

Platters and bowls

Home Made Sausage Rolls 

Using our very special free range pork 

Feeds - 15 - £23


Bacon and Cheese Puffs 

Strong cheddar and bacon

Feeds - 15 - £18 


Home made quiche 

Choose from classic options 

Feeds 12 - £23


Greek Salad Bowls 

Super fresh produce with selected produce

Feeds 20- £18


Home  made scotched eggs 

With paprika mayonnaise 

Feeds 20- £25


Dressed baked salmon 

Fresh, baked whole salmon dressed with dill and toasted almonds 

Feeds 25- £45


Roasted Pepper and Sun dried tomato tart 

Freshly baked and finished with fresh basil 

Feeds 25- £31


Garlic Mushroom toasts 

Toasted ciabatta bread with portobello mushrooms cooked with garlic and parsley

Feeds 30- £25


Sourdough baguettes 

Freshly baked sough dough baguettes with a range of fantastic fillings 

Feeds 30- £36


Moroccan Fruity Couscous 

Couscous with fruity Moroccan flavours and and couscous 

Feeds 15- £20



Crudite Platter 

Selection of cucumber batons, carrot batons, fresh peppers and tomatoes with salsa and hummus 

Feeds 15- £25


Bowls of Quality Crisps

Feeds 15- £20


Gala pie 

Served with pickles 

Feeds 15- £25



Cheese and Mushroom tart 

With fresh mozzarella 

Feeds 15- £25


Cheese and Mushroom tart 

With fresh mozzarella 

Feeds 15- £25


Smoked Mackerel salad 

With fresh leaves and cherry tomatoes 

Feeds 15- £25

med tart 21 .JPG

Sandwich Platters

Original Platter 

Fresh brown and white breads with    Original fillings all garnished 

Feeds x 15 - £20



Freshly made wraps with delicious fillings 

Feeds x 15 - £20



Delicious fresh bagels with classic bagel Fillings 

Feeds x 15 - £20 


Vegan and GF rolls and wraps 

Delicious fresh G.F rolls and vegan wraps filled with tasty home made fillings 

Feeds x 15 - £20 


Veggie pasty 

Home made with mushroom, tomatoes and cheddar cheese 

Feeds x 15 - £20 


Home made coleslaw bowl

Freshly made with spring onions

Feeds x 30-£12


Yorkshire Puddings and Beef 

Freshly made with horseradish 

and topside beef 

Feeds x 30-£25


Fresh Bagels 

Freshly made bagels with fillings delicious   for bagels 

Feeds x 30-£25


Tomato and Basil Pasta 

Pasta tossed in simple tomato and basil sauce

Feeds x 30-£15


Mediterranean Salad 

Fresh rocket and baby leaf salad with a 

mixture of olives, sundried tomatoes and Roasted peppers 

Feeds x 20-£15


Mixed Olives 

With fresh breads and balsamic dips 

Feeds x 20-£15


Chicken Strips 

Fresh chicken strips with BBQ sauce 

Feeds x 20-£15


Roasted meats 

Selection of roasted hams, beef and Turkey 

Feeds x 20-£15


Nacho platter 

With jalapenos, grated cheese, salsa, sour cream 

Feeds x 20-£15


Cakes and Bakes

Victoria sponge 

Moist and light 

£2.50 pp


Chocolate Brownie 

Our ultimate brownie 

£2.00 pp



Made with fresh oats 



Carrot Cake 

Such a firm Favourite 



Chocolate Fudge Cake 




Eaton Mess cheese cake 

One of our most enjoyed 



Banana Cake 

Filling and tasty 


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We are a small and friendly team who are always happy to advise and discuss your catering needs. We love inviting people to our catering unit in Henfield for tasting sessions and for a chance to meet our head chef Chris to discuss your plans.